Program Expansion

  • Is it time to expand your service levels? Or perhaps diversify into another sub-category of your current market?

  • Did you know that by expanding into collateral services your nonprofit may actually reduce relative operating costs?

  • Steadman & Associates can show you how to increasing your offerings with an eye on increasing overall effectiveness and efficiency.

Effectiveness/Efficiency Evaluation

  • Clients, grantors, donors, and other stakeholders want to know if your program is both effective ("get things done") and efficient ("the right way").

  • By linking you key objectives to key performance indicators, Steadman & Associates can help you determine if your nonprofit programs meet acceptable  product and process evaluation levels.

Knowledge management is the key to understanding. Steadman & Associates offers your staff courses to familiarize your nonprofit with the marketplace and your place in it. We look at topics such as value, competition, and performance. These classes can be taken inhouse or at designated times and places to be announced.

Class:  Why Should I Support You?
Class Length:          3 Weeks
Subject Matter:     What do people mean when they use the word value?

We focus on defining value. A discussion on the reasons why a stakeholder

should (or should not) do support you. We  examine  typical stakeholders and

their thought process in the "buying" process. We then create a formulaic

argument  to persuade the stakeholder that there is greater benefit than cost

in choosing your product or service.
Goal:     To create a template for a strategic plan by highlighting your value to

current and potential stakeholders.


Class: The Strategic Plan: Where to Compete and How To Win
Class Length:   6 weeks
Subject Matter: Any real business, rather for profit or nonprofit, is in competition

with alternatives  for customers and investors. In this module you will tackle the
 concept of defining value in terms of where  to compete and your definition of winning.  

For a business to reach its potential, it must understand its strengths and weaknesses,

as well as those of its competitors, and the  markets in which it will compete. You will

create a strategic plan, consisting of 11 components, created to assess, capture,  and

monetize the value you have to your potential stakeholders.

Goal:    To create a template for grant-writing that expresses the creation of value in terms

of the market, your  potential competitors and your stakeholders.
Pre-Requisite:    Why Should I Support You?



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