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We Get You To Think About Your Cause.

Does your Mission/Vision/Goal really match your key performance indicators? Fulfilling your cause involves understanding how the components of your business work together.

 We Get You to Think About Your Client.

 It's not about what you offer: it's about  what your client needs. We help you create a mindset that focuses on your product or service in terms of fulfilling a need.

We Get You to Think About Your Competition.

Don't think your nonprofit has competitors? Ever written a grant or asked for donations? You're not the only "game in town," and all the altruism in the world doesn't negate a limited pool of resources. By exploiting your core competencies, we position your business to create greater value than your competition.

I'm Kenneth Steadman. The  "Steadman." I have an A.A.S in Paralegal Technology from Central Piedmont Community College, a B.S. in Business Administration from Strayer University, and an MBA fro University of North Carolina at Charlotte.   I've started two companies, and am currently working on a two more.

What has all this taught me?  To quickly confess what I don't know! That's why I contract with "& Associates" all business functions that they can do better than I.

Who We Are

Steadman & Associates is a faith-based corporation dedicated to the education of nonprofits on the subject of value so they can help others. While we will work with any nonprofit who needs our help, we focus on those nonprofits that deal with the daily needs of Man:  food, clothing, shelter, education, and employment. 

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Copyright 2013. Steadman & Associates Business Strategy, Inc. All rights reserved.


STEADMAN & ASSOCIATES. "We help nonprofits help others."

Who We Serve

What We Do

Together, we're in the business of business. And make no mistake, a nonprofit is just as much a business as a for profit.

At Steadman & Associates, we understand that your nonprofit wants to help others. And we want to help you do just that. However, nonprofits must go about their mission in a professional, business-like manner.  I'm a firm believer that a nonprofit should have the  ability to effectively and efficiently create, deliver, and evaluate its nonprofit product or service to meet the defined needs of its stakeholders. This ability is directly dependent on the same factors that make for profit businesses successful. I look forward to showing your nonprofit how this concept works.

NonprofitsOur focus is on turning your nonprofit into the most efficient and effective participant within your chosen market. We use real-world, for profit business concepts to create and maintain a healthy nonprofit business that can better help those in need today and have the capability to expand that help tomorrow. 

Budding Entrepreneurs and Employment-Seekers.  Through our SeekFirst Solutions program, we help those who have difficulty finding (and keeping) employment.  By taking a holistic approach to employment (mental spiritual, and financial), we offer a fresh view of work. We can prepare you for the challenges and rewards of being an employer, not just an employee.